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What Are Parabens in Shampoo?

What Are Parabens in Shampoo?

Parabens have been around for awhile but not everyone knows about their effects on the hair and scalp. If you head to a salon, you may want to do research on them before getting that hair appointment. Health and beauty brands have tried to distance themselves from the word paraben because it has taken on new meaning with consumers who want healthier versions of products to use on their hair. Find out what parabens are, what they do, and why it’s best to avoid them (then what to choose instead).

What Parabens Do

Parabens are basically preservatives. They help products stay on the shelves longer but that doesn’t make them good for your hair or body. While parabens are synthetic, and do their job well, a product sitting for weeks on a shelf may raise questions as to whether it’s really healthy to put on the hair.

Products and Parabens

When you consider a shampoo, parabens aren’t likely top of your list to think about. Research lately looks at what are parabens and why they’re even in products in the first place. Major labels for products like deodorant have stopped using parabens. Look at labels when searching salon products or store brands of shampoo. Ask a Phia Salon stylist how to choose paraben free products. If ingredients such as ‘methylparaben,’ ‘propylparaben’ and ‘butylparaben’ are on the label, those indicate inclusion of parabens. A salon stylist can talk about their products so you can be better informed.

Body Talk

Nasty parabens in shampoo and self care products can be absorbed into the skin. They may enter the body and metabolize in the body before being expelled. The more exposure to parabens, the more they build up. Shampoo, for instance, is used pretty frequently (let’s say 3-4 times a week minimum) which adds up pretty fast. While cheap to produce, parabens in shampoo can also have lasting, damaging effects on people’s health..

Potential Health Risks:

  • Increased risk of breast cancer which can lead to greater health risks long-term
  • Reproductive issues like preterm births and more
  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals that are linked to cases of early puberty in girls
  • Damage to hair, scalp and skin overall

Consider the risk to hair and scalp in your shampoo. From allergic reactions to possible scalp irritation, there are some risks to using shampoo with parabens.. The risks of using products with parabens increases the longer you use the products. Since women tend to use cosmetics, shampoo, and other health care products more than men, they are likely using way more parabens overall. Products containing parabens can be avoided by checking labels, asking a salon expert, and doing research on how to get a paraben-free product.

Go All-Natural

The experts at Phia invite you to consult with an expert who will help you learn to care for your unique hair with natural products that are healthy and safe to use. Contact us to get started.


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