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What Are Parabens in Shampoo?

Parabens have been around for awhile but not everyone knows about their effects on the hair and scalp. If you head to a salon, you may want to do research on them before getting that hair appointment. Health and beauty brands have tried to distance themselves from the word paraben because it has taken on […]

June Covid Safety

Thank you for your patience over the last year-and-a-bit!   We’re pleased to continue providing safe and luxurious services as we respond to the guidance from the CDC, the Governor, the Mayor, and the Ohio State Cosmetology and Beauty Board.   This transition plan is our attempt to balance a wide variety of client and […]

4 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Newest Salon Scam

The unusual times we’re experiencing have brought unexpected gifts and unexpected challenges. Recently, we learned of one of those challenges: a scam that apparently exploits the increasing prevalence of direct booking and the good name of reputable salons to scam individuals out of a fraudulent ‘deposit’. Unfortunately, scamming is not new to many of us. […]

We’re ready for you! (With a few changes…)

Your next appointment with a Phia Concept Salon will likely be very different from your last! Salon Owners have been working tirelessly for the past seven weeks with the goal of developing the best salon protocol in the country.  If you don’t have your appointment yet, you can book one online here! There is a lot […]


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