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Hayes M.
23:20 21 Sep 20
Autumn always SLAYS my hair. She's ah-mazing!
Kelli C.
20:05 17 Sep 20
As mentioned earlier, Rania is the absolute best. I get compliments on my hair all of the time. I also always get new tips on how to style my hair each time I visit, which makes it an even more valuable experience for me.. Thanks for the tips :)
Cecelia T.
21:15 04 Sep 20
This was my first visit to Phia. Ryann cut my hair twice at Philosophi. I love both locations but Clintonville is closer to home so that is my first choice. But to have Ryann when I need a cut, I will go to either. Thank you for great service.
Sophie D.
15:56 02 Sep 20
I went to Skylar with very little idea of what I wanted and she blew me away with her talent and vision for my hair!! So happy with how it turned out. I felt totally comfortable and safe with all the covid precautions too. Overall a fantastic experience and I’m excited for my next visit :)
Brittany R.
09:44 29 Aug 20
This place is great, everyone is so nice and they care about our hair. They don't just let u walk in and make a mistake u may not know your doing , they want u to have good healthy hair. They have very talented people in there , honestly I recommend u go with Lux she's great and has a lot of knowledge to share and she's just knows how colors flow together with people.
Sheri J.
21:24 28 Aug 20
The staff was amazing and the atmosphere is very comfortable. I enjoy the personal touch of texting with my stylist as she asked what exactly I wanted to do with my hair and basically fulfilled every expectation I had and listened! Money spent was worth every penny and affordable!
Kari L.
21:23 28 Aug 20
Super great experience! Waiting time was exactly 30 seconds, super good experience from all the staff, botanical treatment was perfect as well as the scalp massage and mini facial. Paid $25 for a botanical and rough dry and was so impressed by that pricing! (Even though I got a discount)
Glen R.
21:08 26 Aug 20
Not only did I feel safe and protected from Covid, but I felt cared for by my stylist. She informed me personally before the appointment of the new routines, and was clear about how this would affect me. I have been especially careful with personal exposure since March because I am in the high risk category, so feeling safe was very important to me. I can't wait for my next appointment as this gives me a sense of normalcy in this upside down world.
Molly S.
16:35 23 Aug 20
Skylar did such an amazing job! She took her time and made sure every detail was attended to. I feel renewed and am so grateful for my experience here.
Delia M.
21:47 02 Aug 20
I had a dramatic change this last appointment. Rania is incredible and was there for me emotionally. I cut almost 12 inches to donate and added highlights for the first time. Although it will take a lot to get used to, I have received a lot of compliments and feel great!
Sondra P.
20:35 28 Jul 20
This was my first experience and it was excellent. Liv contacted me weeks before the appointment to welcome me to the salon and ask about my goals for the haircut. In the day of the appointment Liv let me know when it was okay to come in. She carefully applied COVID precautions during the visit and was sensitive to my personal concerns. The music was calming and relaxing. I felt completely comfortable during the entire visit And left with a great haircut. We discussed how to work with style in coming weeks as it grows. I was totally pleased.
Betty C.
21:48 25 Jul 20
I recently visited Phia shortly after they reopened due to COVID. The online scheduling was extremely easy. They made their safety protocols extremely clear prior to my arrival and I felt very safe/comfortable during the appointment. My only issue was that it was not made clear if my hair would be washed during the appointment because they are not using blow dryers in the salon, so I decided to arrive with clean, dry, styled hair. MJ typically does my hair, however she was not available for several week so I saw Jazmen who was AMAZING. She listened to what I wanted and added in her own suggestions which made my hair look incredible! I'm very happy with it and have already received several compliments via Zoom :)
Araceli D.
20:50 19 Jul 20
My experience with the staff was great. Again, they made sure to follow all safety standards exactly. I felt incredibly safe, and I was still able to receive my full service that I had requested. Other than the new safety standards, I had the same great experience I always have when I get my hair done.
Nora O.
20:49 19 Jul 20
I was so happy to be able to get a next day appointment at Phia, especially as a new client! It had been 5 months since my last haircut, thanks to Covid, and though I was kinda nervous about being out and about, the salon put my concerns to rest with their heightened safety protocols and friendly staff. Rachael worked with me on a bold new haircut and I absolutely love it! I've gotten so much positive feedback and I will definitely be back. The price is a little steep, but I feel like you get the attention and expertise you would expect for that amount.
Cassie E.
01:28 12 Jul 20
I had my hair cut earlier in the day and they messed up my bangs I was devastated I called everyone trying to get in and get them fixed no one was available until I called phia they were happy to have me come in and rescue my hair...autumn was awesome she did magic I cannot Express how happy and grateful I am to her. I decided to get my hair colored there because of autumn. She was my savior thank you so much and I finally after years of looking for a perfect place to go I found one I will be a loyal customer from now on.
Lizzie S.
20:42 10 Jul 20
Even with all the strict regulations due to covid, I thoroughly enjoyed my first Phia experience. I had no wait, and felt like their coronavirus standards went above and beyond. I was never worked for a moment! I was greeted by Gia as soon as I came in and she did a FANTASTIC job on my hair, exceeding all of my goals I had expressed to her. The checkout process was quick and super friendly. I'll definitely be a returning customer!
Christina M.
20:00 03 Jul 20
It was wonderful - given all the recent changes in public health / safety, I wasn't sure what to expect especially since I have been going to philosophi / phia / sophi for literally years. From the moment I entered until I walked out I was treated with respect and like a princes!
Wendy C.
20:05 02 Jul 20
The staff clearly out lined the safety policies before my appointment and when I got there. They were very cautious and followed all regulations while i was there. Dru is my stylist and she is amazing! I have blonde hair and I've gotten both balayage and all over highlights. She listens to what I want and my hair always turns out perfect.
J G.
18:22 24 Jun 20
I am a “regular” and it’s for many reasons. I like my hair cut the same way generally and it’s so nice to not have to gamble if the stylist will do it the same or not. With Katie T. That is what I get! I don’t even have to repeat every time what I want. The systems here are amazing. It’s also nice to be able to show up on time, get in a chair and be put on time. As a business owner timeliness is very important to me. Finally having an hour in the day to just feel relaxed and chill is amazing and Katie ensures I get that!
21:58 23 Jun 20
Cajun waffle fries are awesome, so was the staff
Kate B.
16:22 22 Jun 20
Trendy short north salon but you won't feel judged walking in if you're not as trendy as they are ;) Stylists are highly educated and will talk you through the process if you're going for a drastic change or color. Services can become more expensive with different levels of stylists, but their more experienced stylists are magicians and worth the extra cost. Parking can be tricky with meters, Sunday appointments are great (meters are free!)
Karen Krainz E.
12:42 04 Jun 20
Amazing job preparing the salon to maintain social distancing! Staff was as friendly as always...Liv does a fabulous job with my services, I receive so many compliments on my hair (even over Zoom meetings!)
DesaRae S.
16:51 02 Jun 20
I worked with Leigh Ann. She was so nice and very talented. I got my hair chopped (was down my back now at my shoulders) and she very clearly communicated what she was going to do. You definitely get your money’s worth. The salon was clean and they prioritize cleanliness.
Jeanett E.
21:46 09 May 20
Annah is just has a really positive attitude. She's super professional, kind, and has the right mixture of chit chat and quiet time, in my opinion, during the cut. Also, the cut is just excellent and at the end of the day, that's what really matters.
Jessie Y.
20:38 09 May 20
I had another great experience at Phia. Everyone made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I was running late so I sent a text to Annah. She responded immediately putting my mind at ease. I walked out with no gray, very shiny natural looking color and a bouncy whimsical cut. My curls are non frizzy and healthy looking. Worth the money!
Laurie T.
20:27 12 Apr 20
I love that Phia offers a complementary sensory experience and that Lindsey (I'm sure this goes for all the stylists) is great at explaining how to style my hair. The Aveda products are amazing and I like how they are displayed.
Donald G.
21:21 20 Mar 20
I had a nice, relaxing time at Phia. I was greeted immediately and offered a drink. My waiting time was about a minute. Rania asked me about an event I just hosted that we discussed last time. I just had a bangs trim and eyebrow wax, and left feeling good.
Tracy J.
22:07 13 Mar 20
Phia is truly focused on the client. It is incredibly helpful to have stylists that reach out and make sure they understand what you are looking for when you set up an appointment. I love my hair cut and appreciate the time and quality put into it.
John L.
23:06 06 Mar 20
I have been seeing Sunshine for years, and we tried something really different with my hair this time. She was AMAZING and gave me the exact style I asked for, and she taught me how to create the look at home. I could not be in better hands than Sunshine's.
Nancy T.
21:41 28 Feb 20
Love this salon! They are always accommodating to my busy schedule. I always get a head massage when my hair is being washed and it's very relaxing! The stylists are very attentitive to your needs for your hair cut, and the prices are reasonable as well.
Josephine S.
21:42 21 Feb 20
A month later, I still love my haircut! The young woman who did my haircut took her time to understand my hair which inspired trust. I didn't have any wait time, and the interior was a nice relaxing space.. I always love my Phia haircut..
Kristine M.
21:26 16 Feb 20
Love the amazing hair that I got a Phia. I love being able to be in an atmosphere where everyone is talking to their stylist while enjoying a cup of coffee and a new look. I've built a relationship with my stylist and look forward to going there.
Wendy H.
21:28 07 Feb 20
The staff was great and attentive. The hair dresser that I went in to see for the first time knew what she was talking about and was great at informing me about what products I should use for my concerns. Overall it was a wonderful salon experience.
Donna L.
23:04 01 Feb 20
I thought that as a first time customer, my haircut was perfect and very reasonably priced. I loved Lacey, and love my haircut. She took her time to make sure that I was happy with her work, and it turned out perfectly. Will definitely be back.

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