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sunny M.
Destiny was wonderful with my daughter and her hair. She was so incredibly kind and did a fantastic job!
Olena H.
Tabby is great, very nice and friendly. My haircut is exactly as I want. Excellent job, thank you.
Nancilee G.
Wonderful cut and color any of these salons you go to!!!!
Melanie H.
As always, I am beyond satisfied with everything about my recent visit to Phia Salon. Jenna is amazing. I am so happy with my color and haircut.Thanks so much, Jenna!
Groene, G.
Tabby was attentive and took her time to make sure I was pleased with my custom color and precision cut. A+ white glove service. I do not live near the Short North but will definitely be making the trip back to have Tabby do my hair! She was pleasant, held great conversation, and made sure I was more than well attended to. A great first visit to Phia Salon!
Sabrina W.
Love everything about my cut & experience with Jazmen!
Lindsey G.
Above and beyond expectations, as usual! Thank you so much! The best stylists, service, knowledge, skill and safety! <3
Catherine J.
Bailey is great! Always a terrific haircut and pleasant conversation.
tuğçe S.
My first visit with Jenna was great! I love how she is so nicely explained every details and takes care of my hair so well. She pointed out what my hair needs. After the haircut I feel refreshed. Thank you for this great experience.
Anna & F.
Andrew is a saint! Back in October 2023 I used overtone (chocolate & copper) expecting it to wash out in a couple of weeks, and the copper took to my hair and never went away. The first pic is from early January and you can see the yellow-orange-green tint to my hair. I made an appointment with Andrew never having been to Phia before, but reading reviews on his expertise, and I was blown away at what he was able to achieve.I had already visited a salon to try and reverse the damage in December, but the orange came back full force just a couple weeks after we toned it down. Andrew patiently worked on my hair for something like 6 hours (!!!!) making decisions and testing as we went along, to be as certain as we could be that the reversal would be permanent. He was also careful to choose the least damaging options. With the help of some occasional purple shampoo, my hair has remained a happy color for two months now. Thank you, Andrew!!! Can’t wait to be back.
so personable and cheerful!! can’t wait to come back
Briana P.
2-year update: I have been seeing Jacki every 2 months for almost 2 years now! We've reached my hair goals so far and now just letting it grow ✨️. Regular K18 treatments and changing up my cleanse/conditioning products has fixed scalp issues and helped my hair become thicker/fuller. Phia is always getting in new wonderful products(some of which I have at home now).Edit: Still highly recommend going to Phia Salons! Did you know? They are eco-friendly recycling nearly everything from cut hair to foil!Went back to see Jacki again (who got promoted recently!) and had a wonderful session. Since I'm still getting used to the daily natural hair fall after ridding 3.5yr dreadlocks, decided to go shorter. Jacki and I discussed in length about hair goals coming up with a great plan. She helps a ton with recommending the right type of hair products to use, especially while I want to work on enhancing my natural curl/wave. We did partial highlight with extra toning to get the lavender look(see in photo)Been living in Columbus for over a year now, had never been to High St until today. Had dreadlocks for about 3.5 years and decided it was time to brush them out. One of the attached photos is what hair I had left from the 'mohawk' style I had going on.Phia salon came highly rated on one of those "top 10's" for Columbus. Was very lucky to have Jacki with an opening today because I don't know how long I would've procrastinated getting my hair cut!Jacki was great with asking plenty of questions, getting my ideas and ultimately decided to keep some length. She gave good advice on products and styling for my low maintenance get up and go lifestyle. I highly recommend trying Phia or it's sister salons.Keep in mind they go over everything in detail and start an ongoing profile with notes, have you sign an agreement as what is detailed or the opportunity to end the session before you start. This is great for those who want to make a big hair decision but feel unsure and want more time to think about it.
Jayme H.
I've been on the hunt for a new hair salon after my previous go-to girl retired. I had heard great things about Phia and after a gym sesh across the street...
Kennedy Y.
Destiny was FANTASTIC!! She was very patient with our daughter. She gave us a lot of information as well with our daughter’s hair type and texture. We will be coming back to her for sure !!!
Harshini P.
I had my first haircut with Andrew and it was a fantastic experience! He was very friendly and did an amazing job. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a great haircut.
Leigh E.
I booked with Jackie after spending two days looking at several salons and different stylists. ZERO REGRET!! She got in touch prior to my appointment to go over my likes dislikes and expectations to ensure we were on the same page when I came in. She was amazing and I am in love with my hair!! I will definitely be returning. It was well worth the cost!
Dollywood T.
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Carla B.
I had the best experience! My hair looks and feels amazing!! Thank you Jenna and (I think Andrew) I needed this morning!!! Big hugs to you all
Dianna N.
I am looking for a stylist who is experienced and excels at short, trendy hair cuts/styles. My age is 59. I did contact the salon and while the...
Yesenia R.
I was very upset with the results from another salon but Jacki was able fix and create the haircut I wanted. She's truly amazing!

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