customer reviews


Kelsey H.
02:01 09 May 21
Best salon I've ever been to by far!! They truly take the time to make sure you get something you like. I go to Lux for my blonding and Pixie for my haircut. They are both super chill and always make me feel comfortable. I've been to salons in the past where my blonde will end up uneven or overtoned, but Lux always makes sure it's perfect and is upfront about what is possible. Pixie always takes their time with my cut and it always turns out amazing and refreshed. Super happy I found this amazing place. Another thing I REALLY appreciate is that they consult with you about how much stuff will cost before every appointment. You always know what you are getting yourself into before anything is done to your hair.
17:40 24 Apr 21
Loved my experience today! Jenna did a wonderful job. Everyone is super upbeat and friendly. Glad to be a returning client. :)
Lindsey G.
02:08 22 Apr 21
The best stylists, service, knowledge, skill and safety! <3
the G.
22:09 13 Apr 21
Rachel did an amazing job on my hair. Transforming it from a dull dirty blond to a wonderfully brilliant ash blond. I will be returning to her for tuch-ups for as long as need be
Tara W.
02:32 08 Apr 21
employees are very nice, clean environment, and they did exactly what I asked for with my hair. pleased with the two visits I have had there so far
Stephanie S.
22:53 03 Apr 21
Kind, courteous, and expert staff! awesome vegan and natural product selection. Covid wasn't a thing! it felt so safe and comfortable for myself and children. I'm so glad to find such a rad spot to keep myself feeling fabulous 🤘🖤
mehrdad S.
20:42 28 Mar 21
Clean,fair price.Thank you again.
Sheryl C.
21:42 27 Mar 21
I love coming here! Everyone is so nice and professional and my hair always turns out perfect!! So worth it!!
Cheryl P.
14:12 27 Mar 21
I have finally discovered my nw salon. Danielle made me feel and look better than I have in years. Thanks so much for the desperately needed special attention.
Jenna R.
21:25 20 Mar 21
This place is gorgeous, clean, and safe. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Jackie answered all of my questions with fantastic patience and extensive expertise- and my cut looks great! Thanks y’all!
Melissa R.
01:01 18 Mar 21
Pixie was amazing at finding out what I was going for and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and happy before we finished. Best salon experience I've had in 15 years. Thank you SO much!
Tiffany P.
14:57 10 Mar 21
I have never been given so many compliments from strangers on any haircut I've ever had. Rachael's professionalism, warmth, and skill are an absolute guarantee to lift any bad week. I really appreciate how she takes the time to explain the process of what she's doing which really reveals how complicated a cut and color can be. You can always tell when people love their jobs and are passionate.
Madison P.
03:24 08 Mar 21
I came in with a serious hair disaster that has previously been destroyed by another salon. The staff was SO NICE and SO accommodating. Katie did a phenomenal job on my hair cut helping me salvage as much length as possible. Autumn took a look at my hair and collaborated with Jackie for the perfect color formula to get my hair all one color!! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Literally the best salon experience I’ve ever had. It’s a little more pricey but it was 100% worth the extra $$
Haley R.
19:26 03 Mar 21
Got a color correction/retouch and a cute with Sagan! Absolutely PHENOMENAL service and Phia's COVID precautions are thorough! Sagan was an absolute delight...
Christine I.
11:11 28 Feb 21
Jenna was upbeat and personal. She did a great job on my 12-year old daughter’s trim, keeping with the style and working with it. Jenna made us feel very comfortable; the atmosphere wasn’t snooty or pretentious, it was inviting, even for the kiddo. She treated my daughter respectfully as she would have treated any adult. She also double checked with me to make sure she was getting everything correct (as 12-yo aren’t the most communicative). She helped to explain how to manage and train the hair.In addition, Jenna went above and beyond to help me with my hair. She described how to treat it and which type of product to use and why. She even cut a test hair strip to sample color for me! We scheduled the 6 week follow-up appointment for my daughter and a color & cut appointment for me next week.
Michele R.
11:30 24 Feb 21
I love getting my hair done at Phia Salon! Especially the one in the Short North location!Hair, lunch and shopping! The attention to detail from the...
Kathryn S.
18:52 23 Feb 21
I have gotten my tape-in extensions done with Gia three times now, and I am blown away every time. She has literally saved my hair from being a hot mess so...
Alex D.
00:32 22 Feb 21
I am so extremely thankful for Arianna's help. I didn't think my hair could be saved after what had been done to it by a different salon but they fixed it and it feels and looks so much better. They were absolutely wonderful and did a phenomenal job. I am very happy with my hair and they really transformed it into something cute and fun. I definitely recommend the salon to anyone looking for a great and friendly place. It was an overall great experience.
Halle G.
01:11 14 Feb 21
Wonderful experience. Glad to have found my new “hair girl!”
Melanie B.
16:35 13 Feb 21
I was very pleased with Gia's attention to details and addressing the proper solutions to repairing my damaged hair. It was well worth my 2 hour drive to reconnect with the most professional and knowledgeable
stylist I've ever met. ALL FIVE STARS FOR GIA ACROSS THE BOARD! The salon also assured a covid free environment with the new policies and procedures to maximize everyone's safety.
emlou B.
16:05 13 Feb 21
I was very pleased with Gia's attention to details and addressing the proper solutions to repairing my damaged hair. It was well worth my 2 hour drive to reconnect with the most professional and knowledgeablestylist I've ever met. ALL FIVE STARS FOR GIA ACROSS THE BOARD!
Emlou B.
08:33 13 Feb 21
I was very pleased with Gia's attention to details and addressing the proper solutions to repairing my damaged hair. It was well worth my 2 hour drive to...
Bryan F.
22:10 11 Feb 21
Great salon; always seeking to create a plan for your hair that makes you feel your most beautiful.
Alice M.
00:54 10 Feb 21
Lux is awesome. She gives great cuts and is very helpful if you are not sure about what you want. She's wonderful about color suggestions too!
Lance H.
22:02 09 Feb 21
Excellent service and a solid haircut. Phia is exceptionally clean, and has very comforting pandemic protocols. The stylist are consistently exceeding expectations and the communication is on point. Book here and enjoy looking your best :)
Amy H.
21:21 09 Feb 21
Excellent curly hair cut and style! My stylist took the time to figure out exactly what I was looking for and then walked me through the styling process.
Lisa M.
21:05 09 Feb 21
Meticulous, personable, professional, and always gives me a stylish, long lasting, precision cut. Rania is a jewel!
LaTisha C.
09:56 06 Feb 21
Gia always provides a pleasant experience!
Madison M.
16:35 05 Feb 21
I have never had someone pay such careful attention to my hair before, during, and after cutting it! Jacki was so nice as well! I really enjoyed my experience here
Amanda T.
12:28 04 Feb 21
Great knowledge of MY hair and a very safe experience!
Jessica Q.
19:11 18 Jan 21
Had a great visit! My normal stylist had an emergency and so I ended up seeing Lux for my appointment. She did a wonderful job and I absolutely love my color!!
Bea H.
02:48 12 Jan 21
I loved the experience and Minnie listened to me and made my idea come to life!
Halak M.
23:03 10 Jan 21
I think I found my go to salon in Columbus. My hair hasn’t looked this good in a while. If you have wavy/curly hair, definitely go to Jazmen! She knows what she’s doing.
Deanna M.
02:43 05 Jan 21
I've been going to Phia Salon for about 5 years now and every visit has been a great experience. Before seeing Annah, I had curly, insane hair and hated getting it cut/styled because no one knew how to cut my hair. After going to her, I've never loved my hair more. She cuts it so it doesn't grow into a triangle and has taught me so many tips when I'm styling at home, it always looks like I just had it done. They have a great staff and everyone who's helped me is always nice. Also, they play the best, most random selection of music to keep you entertained. And I can't forget that I love getting a free "Sensory Experience" every time I'm seen. It's a great way to feel pampered and not have to pay anymore!
Stacey Q.
00:44 04 Jan 21
Thanks to Jazmen and my amazing new year's haircut I look and feel great! Jazmen was professional and made me feel very comfortable in her chair. I am a new client and very satisfied with my new look. I'll be booking my next appointment in a few weeks. Thanks for a job well done Jazmen!
15:40 02 Jan 21
I had a fabulous experience! It was my first time at Phia so Minnie asked me questions about what I was looking to get done with my hair. She was very knowledgeable about the processes and color she was doing with me. She answered all my questions and made sure to tell me each process she was completing on my hair as she was doing it. I loved the outcome of my hair. I highly recommend Minnie!
Wendy K.
23:25 28 Dec 20
Sagan is thoughtful and very talented!
Alexia O.
20:36 24 Dec 20
I cannot say enough amazing things about Phia Salon!!! Gia did an amazing job with my hair. like seriously performed a christmas miracle on my head. I've been feeling blah and super uninspired by my hair for the past year and Gia brought new life to my locks and it for real transformed my attitude and the way i view myself. goodbye are the days of giving myself a janky haircut in the bathroom with children's scissors when I'm bored. Gia from Phia is the only one allowed to touch my hair from now on!
Heather R.
03:10 23 Dec 20
Amazing, upscale place with competitive pricing, and a cozy atmosphere. Friendly staff. Autumn was super attentive and did an amazing job on my hair. It turned out exactly how I wanted and envisioned it. I love this place!
jennifer G.
00:52 22 Dec 20
I felt safe and got the cut I wanted. Very happy with everything about my stylist, I’ll keep coming here to help keep my hair healthy and looking good.
Joanna H.
15:43 16 Dec 20
I really enjoyed my haircut appointment with Gia. She is very friendly and immediately made it clear that she is a professional who takes her craft seriously. I knew I was in good hands and love the hair cut that she gave me.
Robert R.
02:25 12 Dec 20
They accommodated our needs. Visiting from out of town, they got both my wife and I in same day. My wife loves her hair! I even messed up the time for the appointment and they handled it with grace.
Jenna Van K.
02:38 11 Dec 20
Visited Phia for the first time to get some color done with Sagan and she gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for. Overall great experience, thank you!
Jill G.
06:08 06 Nov 20
I just moved from California and was super nervous going to a new place to get my hair done (since I had been going to the same lady for many years). I...
13:00 28 Oct 20
I just found my perfect-match salon in Columbus! Phew! Moved here from out of state a little over a year ago. After flying home a couple times to see my...
Wilma M.
23:14 26 Oct 20
It was wonderful! Coffee offered as soon as I came in the door. Clean and safe environment. Respectful of all customs and ethnicities too. My stylist was incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to understand all of my desires. Amazing place that I will recommend to everyone!
Jo F.
21:22 18 Oct 20
I came here just to use a gift card but Aryn cut my bangs perfectly (exactly as I described) on my first visit and that has been hard for me to find. I thought the overall price was a little high, but considering the quality of cut and the bonus sensory that comes with your appt, it's all worth it.
Poptart M.
22:48 12 Oct 20
Sunshine is amazing, she does mens short hair styles really well.
Brian M.
03:56 24 Sep 20
Early today I had the fortune of having stylist Sagan cut my hair (which hadn't been done in months). The salon is everything it lives up to. It was clean, friendly and very professional yet comforting. Sagan did an amazing job and I'm extremely happy I had this experience. Rock on Phia, you're awesome.
Shaunta S.
22:06 23 Sep 20
Salon staff very engaging and pleasant. Everyone I dealt with behaved professionally and made me feel valued. My consultation with the stylist was thorough and I got the feeling she had thought very carefully about how to advise me going forward.
Tracie H.
14:21 23 Sep 20
Jennifer Bell did an amazing job with my red highlights! I appreciate her thorough and thoughtful consideration with all perspectives of my color. Her communication was on point with my transformation of color. I'd highly recommend Phia Salon and Jennifer for their professional insight and experience with hair of art and soul. Thank you!!!
Nikita S.
01:11 23 Sep 20
I love this place.Segan and Lyssi are amazing!I had my haircut and haircolor done.I am extremely happy with their service.I also got some of the products from the salon and they worked pretty well for me!
Hayes M.
23:20 21 Sep 20
Autumn always SLAYS my hair. She's ah-mazing!
Kelli C.
20:05 17 Sep 20
As mentioned earlier, Rania is the absolute best. I get compliments on my hair all of the time. I also always get new tips on how to style my hair each time I visit, which makes it an even more valuable experience for me.. Thanks for the tips :)
Cecelia T.
21:15 04 Sep 20
This was my first visit to Phia. Ryann cut my hair twice at Philosophi. I love both locations but Clintonville is closer to home so that is my first choice. But to have Ryann when I need a cut, I will go to either. Thank you for great service.
Sophie D.
15:56 02 Sep 20
I went to Skylar with very little idea of what I wanted and she blew me away with her talent and vision for my hair!! So happy with how it turned out. I felt totally comfortable and safe with all the covid precautions too. Overall a fantastic experience and I’m excited for my next visit :)
Brittany R.
09:44 29 Aug 20
This place is great, everyone is so nice and they care about our hair. They don't just let u walk in and make a mistake u may not know your doing , they want u to have good healthy hair. They have very talented people in there , honestly I recommend u go with Lux she's great and has a lot of knowledge to share and she's just knows how colors flow together with people.
Sheri J.
21:24 28 Aug 20
The staff was amazing and the atmosphere is very comfortable. I enjoy the personal touch of texting with my stylist as she asked what exactly I wanted to do with my hair and basically fulfilled every expectation I had and listened! Money spent was worth every penny and affordable!
Kari L.
21:23 28 Aug 20
Super great experience! Waiting time was exactly 30 seconds, super good experience from all the staff, botanical treatment was perfect as well as the scalp massage and mini facial. Paid $25 for a botanical and rough dry and was so impressed by that pricing! (Even though I got a discount)
Glen R.
21:08 26 Aug 20
Not only did I feel safe and protected from Covid, but I felt cared for by my stylist. She informed me personally before the appointment of the new routines, and was clear about how this would affect me. I have been especially careful with personal exposure since March because I am in the high risk category, so feeling safe was very important to me. I can't wait for my next appointment as this gives me a sense of normalcy in this upside down world.
Molly S.
16:35 23 Aug 20
Skylar did such an amazing job! She took her time and made sure every detail was attended to. I feel renewed and am so grateful for my experience here.
Delia M.
21:47 02 Aug 20
I had a dramatic change this last appointment. Rania is incredible and was there for me emotionally. I cut almost 12 inches to donate and added highlights for the first time. Although it will take a lot to get used to, I have received a lot of compliments and feel great!
Sondra P.
20:35 28 Jul 20
This was my first experience and it was excellent. Liv contacted me weeks before the appointment to welcome me to the salon and ask about my goals for the haircut. In the day of the appointment Liv let me know when it was okay to come in. She carefully applied COVID precautions during the visit and was sensitive to my personal concerns. The music was calming and relaxing. I felt completely comfortable during the entire visit And left with a great haircut. We discussed how to work with style in coming weeks as it grows. I was totally pleased.
Betty C.
21:48 25 Jul 20
I recently visited Phia shortly after they reopened due to COVID. The online scheduling was extremely easy. They made their safety protocols extremely clear prior to my arrival and I felt very safe/comfortable during the appointment. My only issue was that it was not made clear if my hair would be washed during the appointment because they are not using blow dryers in the salon, so I decided to arrive with clean, dry, styled hair. MJ typically does my hair, however she was not available for several week so I saw Jazmen who was AMAZING. She listened to what I wanted and added in her own suggestions which made my hair look incredible! I'm very happy with it and have already received several compliments via Zoom :)
Araceli D.
20:50 19 Jul 20
My experience with the staff was great. Again, they made sure to follow all safety standards exactly. I felt incredibly safe, and I was still able to receive my full service that I had requested. Other than the new safety standards, I had the same great experience I always have when I get my hair done.
Nora O.
20:49 19 Jul 20
I was so happy to be able to get a next day appointment at Phia, especially as a new client! It had been 5 months since my last haircut, thanks to Covid, and though I was kinda nervous about being out and about, the salon put my concerns to rest with their heightened safety protocols and friendly staff. Rachael worked with me on a bold new haircut and I absolutely love it! I've gotten so much positive feedback and I will definitely be back. The price is a little steep, but I feel like you get the attention and expertise you would expect for that amount.
Cassie E.
01:28 12 Jul 20
I had my hair cut earlier in the day and they messed up my bangs I was devastated I called everyone trying to get in and get them fixed no one was available until I called phia they were happy to have me come in and rescue my hair...autumn was awesome she did magic I cannot Express how happy and grateful I am to her. I decided to get my hair colored there because of autumn. She was my savior thank you so much and I finally after years of looking for a perfect place to go I found one I will be a loyal customer from now on.
Lizzie S.
20:42 10 Jul 20
Even with all the strict regulations due to covid, I thoroughly enjoyed my first Phia experience. I had no wait, and felt like their coronavirus standards went above and beyond. I was never worked for a moment! I was greeted by Gia as soon as I came in and she did a FANTASTIC job on my hair, exceeding all of my goals I had expressed to her. The checkout process was quick and super friendly. I'll definitely be a returning customer!
Christina M.
20:00 03 Jul 20
It was wonderful - given all the recent changes in public health / safety, I wasn't sure what to expect especially since I have been going to philosophi / phia / sophi for literally years. From the moment I entered until I walked out I was treated with respect and like a princes!
Wendy C.
20:05 02 Jul 20
The staff clearly out lined the safety policies before my appointment and when I got there. They were very cautious and followed all regulations while i was there. Dru is my stylist and she is amazing! I have blonde hair and I've gotten both balayage and all over highlights. She listens to what I want and my hair always turns out perfect.
Dira C.
19:19 01 Jul 20
I'm here visiting my son and need to have a hair cut badly. I started to search from yelp and saw Phia Salon and Rania has good reviews. Well, I will...
J G.
18:22 24 Jun 20
I am a “regular” and it’s for many reasons. I like my hair cut the same way generally and it’s so nice to not have to gamble if the stylist will do it the same or not. With Katie T. That is what I get! I don’t even have to repeat every time what I want. The systems here are amazing. It’s also nice to be able to show up on time, get in a chair and be put on time. As a business owner timeliness is very important to me. Finally having an hour in the day to just feel relaxed and chill is amazing and Katie ensures I get that!
21:58 23 Jun 20
Cajun waffle fries are awesome, so was the staff
Kate B.
16:22 22 Jun 20
Trendy short north salon but you won't feel judged walking in if you're not as trendy as they are ;) Stylists are highly educated and will talk you through the process if you're going for a drastic change or color. Services can become more expensive with different levels of stylists, but their more experienced stylists are magicians and worth the extra cost. Parking can be tricky with meters, Sunday appointments are great (meters are free!)
Connie S.
23:36 21 Jun 20
I have been coming to Phia for over 12 years, been with several stylists and always happy with the treatment and services.
DesaRae H.
00:03 13 Jun 20
The stylist (Leigh Ann) I worked with took time to ask me about what I do with my hair and what my goals were with my haircut. She clearly stated her plan before she started and provided me with great tips for taking care of my natural curl. I’ve already followed some (satin pillow cases, using new techniques to apply product) and have seen results. Everyone was so careful to follow cleanliness rules and social distance. I will be coming here from now on!!
Teresa Myers M.
20:59 12 Jun 20
Great job on my son and granddaughter.
Alex M.
20:47 12 Jun 20
Always keep my precious baby’s hair perfect
Michele S.
21:57 20 May 20
I just wanted to share my experience coming back to Phia Salon yesterday.

The staff was constantly cleaning, wore their masks and some had the face shields on top of wearing masks

I’m so impressed with how they handled guests.

My gal, Gia, always asked if she could come in to my personal space, pretty much asked permission to do anything. I even noticed her asking her coworkers if she could come in to their space if she needed something.

I felt very safe and extremely happy with my color

Because they can’t do blowouts right now, my girl Gia gave me some bangin braids to rock out this week!

Phia Salon was able to change their procedures per Covid-19 new guidelines and still gave exceptional service

Well done❤️
Emily G.
17:16 21 Feb 20
Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
Had a great experience from the moment I walked in. Setting an appointment online was super easy. I felt like part of the family today and had such a good time with everyone here. I got the chance to have my hair done by MJ and Leanne! I’m from out of town so I didn’t know what to expect but wanted to treat myself! I’m so happy that I did. I felt amazing leaving like I made new friends 😂 My hair is on point! One of my favorite things about this salon is their sinks to wash your hair. It’s so comfortable and not your ordinary sink where it hurts your neck! I had the best head massage wash I could of fallen asleep! I will definitely be coming back! Thank you girls for making my day! ❤️✌🏻
Sandy Kowalewski S.
02:29 03 Dec 19
I throughly enjoyed my experience over the last 2 days spending time with these amazing stylists! Not only do they possess incredible talent, but their kindness and hospitality is incredible. Thank you for allowing me into your home to do what I do sharing the Davines love 💕
Nicole W.
16:58 20 Oct 19
I have not been having a great couple of weeks, I’ve been really stressed. I found a Groupon for Phia and I had never been there but always wanted to try them. Lux and Sydney where amazing! They where so nice, I had a really great experience! When Sydney was done washing my hair I was so relaxed I could have easily taken a nap, she definitely has a great touch. Lux did an amazing job on my hair I really didn’t give her to much direction and it turned out perfect.
I will definitely be going back to see these two awesome lady’s!
Paula F.
20:21 18 Aug 19
I’m a 62 year old woman and Marisa Fox gave me the best haircut I have ever had in my life!! She is s master at what she does and I am absolutely thrilled with how my hair looks and feels. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a professional cut.
Mellissa M.
16:56 10 Jun 19
I’ve been going to Phia on and off for over 10 years now. I’ll occasionally try out another salon, but I always come back to Phia. I know whoever I get will do a fantastic job, no matter what I’m getting done.
Rachel C. G.
12:25 03 Apr 19
I got the exact results I was looking for as a first time client! I’m highly satisfied with my results! A huge thank you to Rania!! ☺️
Navart J.
12:10 03 Apr 19
Last minute appointment with Mj happy with my service
Emily M.
14:27 19 Mar 19
I don’t even know where to begin! My cousin, Halle Brown, did my hair for my wedding! I gave her 3 requirements and she DELIVERED! The other ladies also made my bride tribe look AMAZING! Definitely recommend everyone at this salon for bridal hair especially Halle Brown! My hair stayed the entire night! I’ll let the pictures speak for itself. :) Pinterest worthy hair 💕
Yvette G.
16:49 26 Oct 18
Yes! Great atmosphere. Everybody there is so friendly. Jazmen is awesome and can do some hair!!!💙
Sharon D.
18:32 26 Aug 18
love the community and communication inside and how they treated me and my hair was fantastic!
Tiffany O.
15:00 18 Jul 18
Thank you Jasmine. My hair looks great!
Susan H.
22:29 12 Jul 18
Thank you, Teddy, for my best perm experience ever!
April L.
23:57 09 Jul 18
What a wonderful relaxing experience!
Derrick S.
15:42 20 Mar 18
Sunshine is AWESOME!, has always been great at what shes does!,
Elizabeth H.
15:30 20 Mar 18
I was a regular with Sunshine for 3 years until I had to leave Ohio. I miss her skill in color, cutting, and even eyebrow waxes. She is an amazing stylist who I would recommend to absolutely anyone.
Kate B.
00:56 18 Mar 18
I loved it. I had the good fortune to have Lux as my stylist. She listened to my disorganized thoughts and nailed it. Comfortable, professional, fun. Truly enjoyed the whole experience.
Heather B.
23:20 24 Feb 18
I have always had a great experience at Phia. I specifically request the same stylist each time and Katie is always a delight and does an amazing job! The staff are always cordial and upbeat. I have never had any issues with scheduling over the phone or in person.

The ONLY issue I would say would be the parking. But it's downtown and every business has the same problem. There is a parking garage a few blocks away if street parking is full. I always allow for 15 minutes just for parking.
Erica W.
18:50 19 Feb 18
Awesome, as usual! I have gone to Annah for years and she always does a great job! ❤️
Pilgrim Heidi K.
00:42 14 Feb 18
Jennifer Bell did an amazing job with my red highlights! I appreciate her thorough and thoughtful consideration with all perspectives of my color. Her communication was on point with my transformation of color. I'd highly recommend Phia Salon and Jennifer for their professional insight and experience with hair of art and soul. Thank you!!!
Cynthia B.
03:48 02 Feb 18
Darn good service and ambience. Plus, when you come in, you fill out a questionnaire, so you can let your stylist know whether you're chatty or whether you just want to relax, whether you're budget conscious, etc.

Lila did my hair: a color, foil, and haircut. It looked and smelled amazing afterward! The complimentary mini facial was relaxing and also smelled amazing. She was also a good conversationalist.

Aerial was the manager and receptionist rolled into one. She's also a stylist at Phia's sister location. Super cheerful and helpful. She seemed genuinely concerned, too, not just seemingly polite.

Taylor seemed to be doing a fantastic job doing a weave. It really made me want to try it! (Especially since the girl's hair looked so nice - and very natural.)

Now, if you're really budget conscious, you, unfortunately, won't be able to afford to come here. But there are different levels of stylist, so the pricing reflects this.
Alyson Nicole H.
13:12 31 Jul 17
Rania did an amazing job! Great customer service/ atmosphere. They really care about your experience
Lauren S.
14:54 22 Jul 17
Alyssa is a genius! I love the cut and color of my hair, and Ariel did a great job with my scalp massage and blowout. Very happy customer.
Crystal M.
21:57 27 Jun 17
Wonderful welcoming atmosphere! Thanks Annah for the great experience as always 💖😍
Rainy D.
21:12 03 Jun 17
Everyone here is so helpful and so pleasant to work with. My mother's hair was so thin, falling out and rough to the touch, mostly from medications that she is on for her disabilities.she had spots that looked as if they were balding, and she couldn't wear her hair down, she has to use half a can of hair spray just to get it to position in a way that made it look decent. After coming to Phia for only a year, her hair is thick, soft and for the first time in 20 years, it's healthy! She can wear it down for the first time ever. You guys saved my mothers hair and I cannot thank you enough. She is more confident and secure in her looks than she has been in 20+ years and you guys have everything to do with it. Thank you Phia!
Jocelyn N.
20:53 02 Jun 17
Annah is amazing with cut, style and color. I have curly red hair and she's the BEST! I am loyal cause if the hair doesn't feel right, I don't feel right. She knocks it out of the park every time!!
Teil R.
21:25 27 May 17
Scheduled my first appointment with Maria. She was running a bit late, so other staff members treated me to a hand/arm massage while I waited. I told Maria that I wanted something new for my hair and immediately she had some great suggestions. My new hair looks great and I will definitely return!
Paula M.
22:36 17 Mar 17
I was a first time client and definitely found my new salon! Ali was amazing not with only my hair but also my daughters! Incredible!
KaeLeigh C.
19:29 12 Mar 17
I was skeptical about going to a new salon after getting my hair done by the same person for years.. but I'm so glad I chose Phia! Dev was very informative and explored different coloring options with me. She did an all-over blonde balayage & it turned out amazing. I have found my new salon!
Katie H.
14:10 26 Feb 17
I absolutely adore Phia Salon! With every visit I am warmly greeted and treated like a valued customer. I get my hair done my Stevyn and leave EXTREMELY pleased every time. He is great with long hair. I refuse to go to any other salon. 👌🏼
Asieonya M.
23:18 27 Nov 16
I absolutely loved it � I felt very welcomed and my hair feels so healthy thanks guys I will most definitely be back in 12 weeks �
Joan M.
18:39 09 Nov 16
I am a first time client & have found my new salon! New to the area, I was looking for an Aveda salon & Phia does it right! Their customer service is excellent, my New Talent Stylist, Nicole, walked me through the services she would be performing, their costs and any add/ones I would like to make. You can also pick from a complimentary hand massage, scalp massage or other service. I saw Nicole for highlights & lowlights. Not only did she care about my color, but also the overall health of my hair. I am also looking forward to trying other services. Phia is a very chill environment with a urban Soho vibe and not snooty.
Jessica P.
15:30 30 Oct 16
Everyone should know that Lindsey Hyde is pretty much a wizard. Best hair stylist ever! I pretty much refuse to let anyone else touch my hair, but on the rare occasion that she is not available, I've always received amazing service from the entire staff!
Maria M.
20:33 29 Oct 16
Proud that I started my life-long career at Phia. I started here shortly after graduating hair school. Now I'm two years in and I couldn't be happier. I have the best clients I could ever ask for and I work with the best team on the planet. Ultimately, the most rewarding part is that I get to walk in to the salon and learn something new every single day.
Rilley J.
03:15 25 Oct 16
Such an amazing & fun team of well-educated stylists & talented artists. �
Anastasia E.
19:53 11 Aug 16
I love my new color. Morgan always does an amazing job!!!
Mia M.
06:38 05 Jun 16
Great staff! My hair stylist Maria even ran across the street just to extend my parking meter, something I really appreciated. Great customer service, love the salon ambiance, and loved how my hair turned out too! They are just a bit pricey I guess compared to others but given their location and service, it was worth it!
Janna C.
01:23 16 Feb 16
I loved my experience at Phia. Dev did an incredible job on my hair. I will definitely be back. She was very friendly and knowledgable. It's not often I leave a salon and love my hair.
Sara C.
14:22 11 Oct 15
Had a great experience. Super happy with the service and my stylist Kole. Thank you
Annastasia Z.
22:42 13 Aug 15
I have been going here for my haircuts since January 2014 and have no complaints. My current stylist, Lindsey, is fantastic and always makes sure to listen and as a result I always leave with a cut I love. Customer service is excellent all around and price is not too bad either.
Katie M.
14:28 30 Jul 15
I ❤️ Phia. The wait time before my appointment was appropriate, staff was nice and accommodating, and I always enjoy being offered a beverage. Shout out to Lindsey Hyde for giving me an awesome cut. I have seen her twice and each time I've been extremely satisfied. Not only did I receive compliments from fellow staff members about my new cut, my friends and family ranted and raved about it! Overall, I love Phia and I'm happy I finally found a stylist that I trust to cut my thick hair type.
Stacee A.
02:53 10 Jul 15
I love this place! Rae did an amazing job on my hair. She even stayed after they closed to finish it. I felt bad, but the outcome was amazing!
21:57 24 Jun 15
Sarah Dearwester is my recommendation and frankly the only reason I will travel out of my way to get my hair cut! I didn't know Sarah prior to having her one random time I couldn't get in with my previous stylist and now I would never go anywhere else. She is simply amazing; her hair styling talent surpasses any I've ever had in the past! Sarah makes you feel so comfortable and will engage with you making you feel right at home. The prices are definitely reasonable which makes the total experience perfect. Definitely go to Phia and see Sarah for your hair styling needs!!
Haley B.
14:10 05 Jun 15
Rania took my brassy blonde hair and turned it into the most natural, blended dirty blonde. It's perfect. Will be back!
Jessica M.
15:57 05 May 15
Natalie did a wonderful job! Love love love my hair! And it still smells and feels as wonderful as the day I left! Thank you!
Melony L B.
16:59 18 Apr 15
Danielle, you did a Wonderful Job, the way you took care of me & understood what I was wanting to do to get out of my Hairy mess of a dye job I did at home. You helped me achieved my goal & in result I got a awesome cut & color. Thank you !! You are a Genius !! XO Mel B.
Deana Bevan B.
15:44 18 Feb 15
No matter how long I let my hair go, any of the stylists at Phia are able to make me love my hair again. Every.single.time.
Sarah S.
18:33 10 Feb 15
My favorite salon in Columbus! Extra special treatment for everyday cuts and extremely artistic style and color techniques! Michelle Frazer is the most talented stylists-love her!
Heidi K.
22:07 24 Dec 14
I won't stop coming to Phia unless I move and even then I may come back to get my hair done. They are that good.
Stefanie R.
17:02 14 Dec 14
My visit was absolutely wonderful- great service, great people and I left feeling beautiful! Will definitely make this my go-to salon in Columbus!

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