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extension initiation/maintenance *59/hr99/hr129/hr169/hr199/hr
extension consultation
(included if extensions purchased from us)
$20/15 min$24 / 15 min$29 / 15 min$35 / 15 min$38 / 15 min

* non-refundable deposit of ½ of estimated cost of service due at time of booking.

phia salon does not currently provide hair on tracks; client may supply own track hair at no charge.

phia salon can also do the following extensions: fusion, tape, bead and clip-ins

(lengths range from 12″ to 22″ depending on the type of extension you choose)

full service extension pricing

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extension,dread, initiation/maintenance 59/hr99/hr129/hr169/hr199/hr
perms (includes deep condition and cut 2 to 4 days after service)155171190212235

our preferred method is for you to purchase your hair through our salon.

  • hair purchase (of at least two packets) includes 20 minute color consultation
  • our consultation ensures that you order the correct number of packages in the ideal quantity, color, length, and texture
  • it is our responsibility to have the hair in stock for your service. If the hair should arrive late or is incorrect, you would be refunded the upcharge
  • we supply beads, rebonds, and solvent
  • hair may be returned for store credit within 10 days of ordering, with a 20% restocking Fee.

if you prefer to save money, you may order your hair directly at

If you purchase hair directly from the supplier

  • you determine quantity, color, length and texture (our service providers can consult on this at their hourly rate)
  • you need to purchase beads, rebonds and solvent
  • application is NOT guaranteed
  • returns are directly between you and supplier.

while this option is never recommended, it can be an effective money saver for those who are very experienced with extensions, and know exactly what they want and need.

before you commit to extensions, please see below for considerations regarding the care and maintenance of your hair extensions.

extension care considerations

  • Always use an approved hair extension brush (like a paddle brush or a wet brush) or a wide tooth comb. This special brush is made specifically for hair extensions and when used properly will not pull or catch on the extensions. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up to the scalp.
  • Use a high quality, sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Condition only below the bonds. Do not do a deep condition. You may use Dry Remedy, Damage Remedy or Invati from the Aveda collection.
  • Shampoo hair in a gentle manner, following the direction of hair flow. The less you shampoo the longer they will last. The bond breaks down over about a 4-6 month period and shampooing too often will cause them to break down faster.
  • Blowdry hair 80-90% before using your approved brush or comb to finish blow dry style. Air drying is not recommended. If air drying, at least get the bonds dry and the hair around it, then let the rest air dry.
  • Do not go to bed with your hair wet as this will cause dreaded hair. Instead place your hair in a loose ponytail after it has dried, a loose brad is also okay.
  • Brush your hair and run your finger through the hair once a day to ensure the bonds stay separated. Hold the roots of your hair with one hand while brushing in a downward motion with the other. If you do not consistently separate the bonds, you will get dreaded hair.
  • On average we lose 100+ hairs a day. When breaking apart the bonds you will notice that there will be hair that is coming lose. This is hair that has fallen out but was still attached to the extensions, so do not worry that you are causing extra breakage.
  • If you have fusion extensions, stay away from salty and chlorinated water as this will eat away the bonds that are holding in the hair extensions.
  • Some slippage is common. If you are losing more than 10% of your extensions, and you purchased the hair though our salon,return to the salon and troubleshoot with your stylist.
  • Remember, hair extensions require maintenance. The better you take care of your hair, the longer they will last.

any questions, please contact your stylist at (614) 545-7100