Where should I park?

  • Easy Parking

Metered parking available on High St. in front of the salon (most meters now take credit cards). Garage parking available on Hubbard Ave. just east of High St.

  • Free Parking

Two hour street parking on Hubbard between Park St. and High St. Meters are free on Sunday & specified Holidays.
Parking directly behind the salon is permit-only, you will get towed. Always check meters and street parking for permit-only spaces. Click here for more parking information.

What is the difference between the service levels?

  • Many factors influence the level of our technical staff, including advanced education, experience, client satisfaction, ability, and how high the demand is to get an appointment with him or her.
  • Our training level is called New Talent 1 and typically charges half of Specialist prices. While they are new to our salon, they may not be new to the industry. All our New Talent 1 stylists are (at a minimum) graduates of reputable cosmetology schools and many have some experience prior to beginning with us.
  • A level 1 has earned the right to be considered a full-fledged Phia staff member. This would be the equivalent to “earning their chair” in many salons. They exhibit a highly-competent level of skill.
  • As a staff member progresses, s/he will progress through level 2 and level 3 before becoming a level 4 or 5.
  • Level 5 is currently the highest technical level at Phia salon. Level 5 stylists typically have expanded salon-leadership and education responsibilities, in addition to continuing to provide the extraordinary level of services and results that earned the title.

My friend is tight on money, do you have any options for her?

We do! Before we accept a stylist as a level 1, he/she takes part in our new talent training program. After completing the first two phases of this program and being approved to see outside clients, these stylists are permitted to service clients at half of our normal retail prices. If this is a good way for you or someone you know to experience and upscale salon at a fraction of the normal cost, please make sure you specify an appointment with a “new talent 1” when you call in (we only book these appointments by special request).

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, gift cards are good for both services and products and are available in the salon or may be ordered by phone. Gift certificates may be ordered online by clicking HERE! Gift cards are valid for two years after the date of purchase. Gift card sales are final.

How do I book a “Party” of people for a wedding, or girls/guys night out?

Simply email groupsales@phiasalon.com and we will be happy to help you with your needs.

Please note: Individuals who want to schedule in pairs, trios or groups are more than welcome to use discounts or “deal-of-the-day” type certificates for in-salon groups or parties as long as each person books separately through our booking system, just as they would if scheduling his or her own individual service. In our experience, this can cause scheduling conflicts, frustrations and difficulties for events or weddings (a day that does not need any extra stress). We recommend booking through our group coordinator and knowing that all is well, and use any discount certificates to pamper yourself another day instead.

For those desiring to have the entire party handled as a unit (which involves the wand-waving magic of our group-booking coordinator), we are not able to accept any other discount offers. However, please inquire, as we often have an extra something special for holders of discount certificates who come in as part of a group or wedding party before they have a chance to use their certificate!

How can I save money if I am in LOVE with someone’s work and they just received a promotion or my financial position changed?

Feel free to work with your stylist on money-saving options, including (but not limited to):

  • Working in less-expensive services (such as a mini-touch instead of a retouch)
  • Corporate discounts at your workplace (or ask about pink-slip discount if applicable)
  • Free services in exchange for modeling (as available; this is hard work, but a great money saver)
  • Subscribe to our newsletter. We have specials almost every month, last minute special offers, and Like us on facebook. We often have specials there as well!
  • You may qualify for discounted services
  • Join our pure privilege program to earn points for product purchases and free gifts and samples several times per year.
  • You can also feel free to book some or all of your services with a less-expensive service provider. Your stylist can help you choose the best fit for you and will give them everything they need to know to service you beautifully. There’s no need to ever feel odd about moving between service providers at Phia. We all work together!

How confidential is my personal information?

We want to provide all our guests whatever level of confidentiality s/he desires. Our salon is unique in that we make guest-contact information available to service providers. We realize that this increases risk of client “theft” should a service provider leave, but we trust our staff and feel that any risk to our business is offset by the overwhelming benefit to the guest of being able to speak/text/email directly with his or her service provider whenever he or she desires. Since our service providers work so cooperatively together, this means that in theory, any staff member could have access to a guest’s phone number, email address, formula history or service notes.

While we have never heard from a guest who has been inconvenienced or disturbed by any unwanted contact, all our guests have the opportunity to request increased confidentiality. If you would like us to take any special measures to safeguard your contact information, please contact us.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Thank you for providing notice of cancellation or reschedule sufficient for us to make alternate
arrangements for the time of your service
With a notice of more than 3 days, we are able to book your next appointment with no cancellation premium
Premiums depend on type of appointment, notice provided and whether there is a reschedule

Standard appointment change premiums
2 to 3-day notice-$10.00* (or half the price of the booked service, whichever is less)
1 to 2-day notice-$20.00* (or half the price of the booked service, whichever is less)
less than 1 day notice-$40.00* (or half the price of the booked service, whichever is less)
(*all standard fees are 50% less with a rebook at time of cancellation/reschedule)

Specialty appointment change premiums
(deposit of 50% of the cost of the service; must rebook on cancellation/reschedule to retain any deposit)
2 to 3-day notice-entire deposit may be transferred to rescheduled service
1 to 2-day notice-forfeit half of deposit, may be transferred to rescheduled service
less than 1 day notice-forfeit entire deposit

Please note: adjustment appointments are forfeit with less than 72 hours notice of a cancellation or reschedule.

2 to 3 day notice = cancellation or reschedule 48 to 72 hours before appointment start time
1 to 2 day notice =cancellation or reschedule 24 to 48 hours before appointment start time
less than one day notice = cancellation or reschedule 24 hours or fewer before appointment start time

We go to extraordinary efforts to make sure our guests are serviced, even in the most severe weather. That said, we are a salon, not a hospital and while we sometimes feel that our favorite hair stylist qualifies as “emergency personnel” there are times when the salon may close due to inclement weather. Below is our salon cancellation policy (based on Franklin County Weather*):

Severe weather advisory: Salon remains open / Staff reports as usual / Client cancellation policy in effect
Level 1 Snow Emergency: Salon remains open / Staff reports as usual / Client cancellation premiums are waived
Level 2 Snow Emergency: Salon generally open (please check facebook for details) / Staff reports unless there is a safety concern / Client cancellation premiums are waived
Level 3 Snow Emergency: Salon is closed / Staff should not report / Client cancellation premiums are waived

*In deference to the significant number of clients who travel to our salon from outside Franklin County, if our salon is open but your county is under a level 1 or higher snow emergency, please give the guest service coordinator your county name and emergency level so they can make note to have the fee waived.

Please note that due to resources necessary for accommodation of groups, prepaid services of $500 or more for services scheduled to occur in our salon are not refundable under any circumstance at any time.

Click here and then scroll down to view our child & return policy.