Phia Salon incorporates the best elements of each type of salon we’ve seen

  • We have the guaranteed base of a walk-in salon
  • The support of a corporate salon
  • The flexibility and artistic license of a neighborhood salon
  • The administrative support that a booth renter does not enjoy

From a pay perspective, our minimum is no lower than the local corporate salons, and our top rate is higher than most of the neighborhood salons. In addition, our average ticket is on par with any of the high-end salons in town.

Our programs, our motivational systems, our social environment, our compensation structure, and our emphasis on personal responsibility and self-direction which allow each stylist to progress as quickly as his or her desire allow make us the perfect option for someone who has been considering booth rental. We offer much of the flexibility of self-employment, without the burdens of paying rent, stocking product, filing quarterly taxes, and so forth.

Are you the kind of professional we like to enjoy on our team?

Our staff must be loyal, trustworthy (clean criminal record), flexible, and have the ability to deal with change. S/he will need to be sharp and learn quickly. Much of his or her income will be created through self-direction. We work with team members who have the confidence and skill to ask for whatever they need in order to be successful.

We work with positive, motivated individuals who want to earn high incomes and who either have or would like to have weekly volume of over $2000 on a regular basis. If you have visions of chatting on your cell phone in the break room, or reading a magazine while you wait for clients to find you, this position is NOT for you! Our staff are constantly connecting with current or potential clients, doing outside marketing, setting up first-visit appointments on the phone, doing follow up calls or emails, cleaning…In other words, we look for staff who are capable of results and willing to work! All staff have certain performance standards and service target that must be met in order to maintain hours on the schedule and receive full commissions.

How to apply for a position on our team

If you think you may be a fit for Phia Salon, please respond to humanresources@phiaconcepts.com for further information. Please include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Why you feel you may be a fit for Phia Salon
  • Several days, times you would be available to meet
  • When you’re available to begin if hired
  • Ohio Cosmetology license number or status if you are from out-of-state and licensure is pending

Our hiring process

Our hiring process begins with several opportunities for an applicant to collect information:

  • Connector.

    Shadowing at least two shifts

    we recommend a morning and evening shift in our salon to get a feel for the salon, its layout, our team, and how the applicant might fit in as a team member, as well as how we begin and end our days

  • Connector.

    Informational Interview

    This session is an overview of Phia Salon’s background, mission, commitments, and some basic operational philosophies. Pay is briefly explained (the explanation goes into greater detail in the final interview).

  • Connector.

    Technical Interview

    We like to see a complete service on a model the applicant provides, beginning with a consultation, then formulation, application, cut, and finish. The color service should include foiling somewhere on the head, cut should change the basic shape of the haircut (we don’t want to see a “trim”). We assist with formulation and mixing if an applicant is not familiar with our color line or using scales to weigh color. We also ask some basic formulation questions which will help us determine your mastery of color theory.

  • Connector.

    Final Interview

    Successful candidates will proceed to a final interview where we review details of the position including pay and policies, ask a series of questions of the applicant and make a determination of fit.

Occasionally, when we have need of assistants, we will offer a recent graduate a non-contracted, hourly, trial-only opportunity to assist with us. This may or may not lead to hire as a service provider.

At some point during the hiring process we conduct a thorough background check.

The steps in this process may proceed in the order listed above, or in a revised order depending on where we are with our needs and where the applicant is with his or her desire to move quickly. The process can be brief (as few as a couple of days) or we’ve seen it take months…let us know if you’re in a hurry!

Technical interview: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview and bring: Your current cosmetology license, A model (see below) who is open to both cut and color, Scissors, Combs, Clips, Brushes, and anything else you need to really show your talent,. We will provide color, color bowls, tint brushes, and styling products. Also remember enlightener swells a bit more than some professional lighteners so keep in mind the ½” from hairline rule.

Models may not be licensed cosmetologists, and will receive 10% off of product on the day of services only. DO NOT do an in-depth consultation with your model before your technical interview (other than making sure s/he is open to both cut and color). We want to see your consultation. S/he will want to drive separately or bring something to do, as s/he may be waiting for you to wrap things up even after s/he is finished.

If you are able, we would love to see you educate the model on whatever product you use as well. As you finish with your model, remind them of the 10% discount on any products bought today to thank them for coming in and being part of the Phia experience.

Above all, if you’re invited to do a technical, relax and have fun! Only about 25% of applicants actually end up getting to do a technical interview with us, so if you’ve made it this far, you have a lot to be proud of!

If you don’t hear from us after clarifying your interest, please DO follow up as it is that type of tenacity we’re seeking! We are looking for people with great follow up skills, so please keep in touch with us unless we tell you point blank that we have filled the position.

Below are the commitments our staff created, and live by each day.

  • We Commit to celebrate one-another’s successes. We will take responsibility for our actions and always strive to make phia the premier hair salon in the nation. In signing this document, you’re committing to this as well.
  • We Commit to keeping the salon beautiful for each other and for our clients. In signing this document, you’re committing to cleaning and organizing to keep the salon visually and functionally ideal.
  • We Commit to doing everything we can to make every client feel welcome and important. In signing this document, you’re committing to making each and every client feel like a V.I.P. as well.
  • We Commit to respecting our clients’ time and each stylist’s relationship with his or her client. In signing this document, you’re committing to doing whatever is necessary to help us remain respectful of each clients time.
  • We Commit to working together as a team to create a well-oiled machine where each stylist and client enjoys a powerful experience. In signing this document, you’re committing to supporting the team to achieve this.
  • We Commit to continual personal and professional growth and to asking for help if we are not achieving the results we desire in any area. In signing this document, you’re committing to asking for help if you need or want to grow in any way.
  • We Commit to carefully preserve the resources of the salon. In signing this document, you’re committing to be mindful in usage of color, back-bar products, office supplies and other salon resources.
  • We Commit to maintain an attitude that forwards our purpose at all times in the salon and with fellow team-members. Should any issues concern us, we will find productive ways to address them. In signing this document, you’re committing to do whatever is necessary to keep the emotional environment of the salon moving toward our purpose.
  • We Commit to addressing any issues professionally as soon as reasonably possible, with only the involved or appropriate individuals, in a spirit of forwarding our purpose, and involving management whenever necessary. In signing this document, you’re committing to addressing any issue directly with the person it relates to or with management where appropriate.
  • We Commit to approaching all interpersonal interactions in an uplifting manner that forwards our purpose, and to listen non-defensively when someone else approaches us. In signing this document, you’re committing to approach issues supportively and listen non-defensively
  • We Commit to having potential solutions when we share a concern, and also to remaining open-minded to other solutions that may exist. In signing this document, you’re committing to seeking answers and sharing solutions.
  • We Commit to actively build our book. We do not look at walk-ins as a significant portion of our income. In signing this document, you’re committing to challenging yourself to learn different ways to actively build your book rather than expecting it to happen.
  • We Commit to supporting one another in our marketing efforts. In signing this document, you’re committing to stepping outside of your “comfort zone” and to helping others do the same in order to achieve our goals.
  • We Commit to holding one-another accountable when we act in any manner that is inconsistent with any of the above commitments. In signing this document, you’re committing to let any team member, manager, or owner know immediately if she or he falls short of any of these commitments.

Our purpose at phia is to consciously direct our

Passion and expertise to enhance the beauty,
Health and well-being of the
Individual, the community and the earth; in a spirit of
Ayurvedic balance, fun, integrity, and sustainability.