terms of service


At Phia™ Salon, satisfaction is not enough. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your service. We take several steps to ensure your happiness with your experience as well as the result:

  • We attempt to contact you before your service to discuss your needs
  • We conduct a thorough consultation prior to your service and determine a plan-of-action complete with a price quote
  • We educate you on the products, services, and techniques necessary for your hair to look its best.
  • We attempt to contact you after your service to answer any questions.

Your understanding of our procedures and commitments will help us to best meet your needs. Please read below. When you sign your service record and receipt you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

contact prior to service

Since it is not always possible to catch our clients prior to their visits, please read below for some important notes about your appointment:

  • Metered parking is available on the streets. Meters are free on Sundays.
  • Your stylist has this appointment time set aside just for you…if anything should come up that requires any modification to the schedule, please give us as much notice as possible to minimize the impact on other clients schedules. We require a 72-hour notice for cancellations and/or changes for no premium to be added to a future appointment.
  • Our beverages are limited to those of the non-alcoholic variety, but if you prefer something with more, um, spirit (and you’re over 21), feel free to B.Y.O.!
  • If you have provided an email address, you will receive an email reminder.

thorough consultation

In order to reach the perfect result, you agree to:

  • Ask questions. Let our stylist know if s/he uses a term you do not understand anything from your consultation. Do not commence your service unless you believe that you have been made fully aware of any potential consequences of your chosen service and want to continue with the service you will be receiving.
  • Give feedback. Our stylists are not mind-readers. Our clients work proactively with our stylist giving continuous feedback throughout the service.
  • Notify us if there is any reason, medical or otherwise, we should limit services available to you. This includes notifying us of potential allergies or any prescriptions that might affect a hair or skin service.

client education

  • An important part of caring for your hair and maintaining your new look will be the proper use of products. Of course we’d love everyone to have the full complement of Aveda product for their individual needs. At the same time, we’re sensitive to budgets and the needs of our earth, so we don’t want to sell you anything you don’t need. If you have products at home that you like/want to keep using on your hair, our stylist can better educate you if you bring them to your appointment with you, so our stylists can verify that:
  1. – those products you’re using meet your needs
  2. – you’re using them properly, and
  3. – there are no ‘holes’ in your home-care system
  • Hair cutting and coloring is as much art as science, and the number of factors that affect hair color are endless. If this is your first visit, or you are making a change, or your re-growth is more than ½ inch (past the “hot zone”), it is possible that we may have to adjust (or “tone”) your color one or more times to ‘nail’ the color.

contact following service

We will attempt to reach you after a service to make sure your look is exactly what you were hoping to achieve. During that call we will answer any questions you have about your color. In addition, please take advantage of this opportunity to firm up your next appointment, as our stylists plan their schedules around client appointments and many of them book up weeks or months in advance. If you have referrals you want to make, you can also give them on this call (you receive $10 toward a future service for every referral who becomes a new client…and your referral receives a nice credit toward his or her first visit, too)

Do keep in mind that it is not uncommon for colored hair to fade moderately in the first week after the service, especially a first visit. This should lessen with each visit, and the following precautions may significantly minimize fading:

  • Use only the AVEDA shampoo, conditioner and styling products recommended by our stylists.
  • Wait at least 48 hours after your service to shampoo your hair following your service.
  • Common wisdom says not to use hot water on your hair. While recent studies have indicated that this may be a myth, we still recommend lukewarm water until more information is available.
  • Do not use any deep conditioner containing animal-derived protein on your newly colored hair unless you first consult with your stylist.

Since it is not uncommon for your color to appear slightly different under different lighting conditions, please view it at home, at the office, outside, and in other environments to get a true picture of how the color works for you. If after looking at your hair under different lighting conditions, your color is too intense, you may want to shampoo a little earlier than recommended above. If there is anything about your new look that is not perfect; do not wait for our call. Contact us immediately since a call within 72-hours may allow us to cover the costs of tweaking the services you chose to ensure optimal results and help you achieve the look you want. (If the look you desire requires additional services beyond those originally paid for you will have the choice of paying for the difference, or requesting that the stylist come as close as possible to your look within the limitations of the services you have chosen.)

Feedback and Reviews

We encourage open communication regarding your experience, your service and your results.  Here are methods we use to facilitate communication:
you may text your stylist by replying to their communication
You may email your stylist at (name).sn@phiaconcepts.com
You may email us at guestservices@phiaconcepts.com
Feel free to leave a review at
Please note that phoning the salon is not an effective way to communicate a less-than-stellar experience.  If you should phone the salon, they will refer you to the guestservices email (above).



For the safety of your children and the comfort and consideration of all our salon and spa guests, children are welcome for the duration of their own scheduled visits, and are asked to leave the salon floor once their appointments are finished or if they are not scheduled for a service.  Since sharp implements and hot tools are regularly in use on the salon floor, children 12 and under not receiving services should remain in the waiting area and must be accompanied by an adult who is not receiving services.  For the same reasons, young children in carriers/strollers may not be placed near the service areas or held in the lap.


We look forward to serving you, and remember, the greatest compliment our clients can give us is their referral of others who will love our service!