bill of rights

At Phia™ Salon, our guests have the right to an unparalleled salon experience that leaves you eagerly anticipating your next visit.

As a guest of Phia Salon you also have the following rights

  • To communicate with your service provider before your appointment so we are all clear on the reason for the visit and what you hope to accomplish.
  • For your precious resources to be honored and preserved. Please let us know during your consultation if your visit requires any special attention (for example a particular time or budget restriction).
  • For your stylist to perform a thorough consultation where we encourage you to be completely candid regarding your needs and desires.
  • To inspire us with photos, images, and textures. We may even use a portfolio, magazine, or internet during your consultation to completely understand your desired look.
  • To a stress relieving treatment or sensory experience to center your being.
  • To possess as much knowledge as you desire to enjoy the styling possibilities of your new cut and/or color as well as to understand the products used to create your look.
  • To have your spirit revived with aroma, skin refreshed with toner, or lips touched up with gloss or color before you leave our salon.
  • To a personal shopper. Your professional will walk you through the product shelves or see that another highly trained expert who is well versed in all product lines can attend to your needs.
  • To receive the time and attention you deserve. To protect this time, we will do our best to pre-book your next appointment before you leave.
  • To communicate any experience, thought or suggestion. We reach out to you after each service to better understand your future plans, needs and goals.

Working together we desire to create an exceptional experience at Phia as we continue to live out our mission:


Passion and expertise to enhance the beauty,
Health and well-being of the
Individual, the community and the earth; in a spirit of
Ayurvedic balance, fun, integrity, and sustainability.