Aveda Sneak Peek – Pure Abundance Style Prep


Phia has an Aveda sneak preview for all of our Phia Phollowers – there is a new addition to the Pure Abundance Family!

We got our hands on the new product, the Pure Abundance Style Prep. This great smelling and lightweight product comes in a spray bottle. To use, just spray liberally into damp hair. Then, just comb your hair and blow-dry as desired.

“It makes your hair feel soft, fluffy, and full,” Aveda Salon Development Partner Carol Holloway says.

This product can be used on non-shampoo days to add volume and new life to your hair! It also has protein to strengthen hair, and acts as a thermal protector. For those of you who prefer not to use conditioner, the Pure Abundance Style Prep can also be used as a detangler!

Check out the Aveda YouTube video to learn how to use the style prep, and keep an eye out for the Pure Abundance Style Prep at Phia Salon around June 20th.  

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