caring for the earth



Here are just a few of the ways we at Phia™ salon do our part to care for the world in which we live:




Measure waste twice daily with the goal of continuously reducing volume


LOW VOC, eco-friendly paint on our walls when possible


Local, organic milk from grass-fed cattle for guest coffee and tea


We wash and reuse glasses, dishes and silverware to minimize waste


Phosphate-free dish soap, laundry detergent whenever possible


Essential oil-based cleaning products whenever possible


Pay Stubs, education, calendars, policies, and manuals all available online to minimize waste of paper, ink, postage, etc


Recycle on a daily basis and provide recycling containers for client use


Hair Color is 94%-99% all natural, derived from plants and flowers


LED and Compact Fluorescent lighting whenever possible


               We do chair shampoos whenever possible to reduce water and electricity usage.


                Eco-friendly transportation:  100% electric car     



We believe we can make a difference.  If we work together, the world can be a better place for us, our children, and generations to come.